Top 3 of the BEST Outfit Planning Apps in 2021!

Published on 4 September 2021 at 15:01

Image Source: Unsplash

Planning outfits or looking for outfits to wear is no easy task. With social media causing an influx of new styles and brands all the time, it becomes increasingly difficult to stick with the latest trends. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 favorite outfit planning apps.

Why download an outfit planning app?

Everyone has their reasons on for downloading such apps, we've mentioned some of the main ones below.

Do you think that your quality of life will improve after utilizing outfit planning apps? Read on to find out! Let's start by listing down some benefits:

  • It saves you a lot of time thinking about what to wear

  • It saves you effort of trying on different clothes physically

  • It makes you look forward to dressing up

  • It makes you feel organized and in order.

1. Combyne

“Combyne is a social tool for creating outfits - a fusion of a game, a practical utility and a social network. Users can design digital versions of real-world outfits, experiment with different looks, and collaborate or compete on their creations with friends. Combyne sits at the nexus point of three converging trends: content creation, gaming and social fashion. Combyne's vision is to digitize the usage of fashion.”

Combyne is one of the OGs when you think of an outfit planning app. It boasts a slide-through type feature when planning outfits in your dressing room. This may not sound like a big deal, but it's actually really convenient. Basically, you can slide-through your possible outfit combinations. 

Combyne also allows you to import photos of your clothing and save them to a “closet.” In addition, it allows you to create a wishlist so you can keep track of what you want to purchase.

Image Source: Combyne

With Combyne, you can also see what outfits you’ve worn in the past.  This may be my favorite app for when I’m traveling. It allows you to track everything in your suitcase with the click of a button. 

They also have a ton of clothing challenges - where you put on your best designer pants and try to design an outfit as close as possible to the theme. 

Image Source: Combyne


  • Challenges are fun to participate

  • Users like the free aspect of the app, and no ads

  • It’s a fun way to socialize with others

  • A great alternative to Polyvore

  • Uploading images and using the magic crop tool are easy



  • Feminine-centric. Not the best app for guys.

  • App crashes, users fear progress will be gone.

  • Lack of diversity in outfit styles available (no emo, vintage etc)

  • Unsolicited graphic images from strangers


These are just some of the feedback we've collated from various user reviews. Overall, we'd give Combyne a 6/10. It's great mainly for girls to plan their outfits and play around with the challenges. 

"Cladwell is an app that allows you to digitally “store” everything in your closet. You put in all of the clothing you own and a few details (color, pattern, style), and the app will use this info to suggest weather appropriate outfits each day and give you insights on your wardrobe."

Cladwell is an amazing app for planning your outfits, they are also one of the OGs.  You can build a digital closet and add all of your clothes. They have a few different categories to organize your closet in by color, type of clothing , and by season.


Cladwell also has a "Style Generator" where you can select from the categories that you have in your closet and it will give you a few ideas of outfits to wear.  You can save your favorite styles and create a board of outfits to share with friends.

Image Source: Style Degree

 They also have a great search tool.  You can type in pretty much anything (i.e. an item, color , brand, favorite celebrity) and it will show you items that are similar. Though Cladwell is free to download, unfortunately you have to pay to use it. They offer a premium version which is $5/month or $50/year. 


  • Beautiful UI

  • Veteran in the outfit-planning game with over 8 years in the industry

  • Gender Neutral app, doesn't feel biased towards a certain gender

  • Much more features compared to other apps



  • Not as much data on your closet unlike other apps, such as brands or sizes.

  • The statistics for your closet takes a while to be accurate, need to use for extended period of time

  • Unable to tweak outfit suggestions

  • Not available for Android users

  • No accessory categories

  • App crashes


Again, these are just some of the feedback we've collated from various user reviews. Overall, we will rate Cladwell a solid 8/10.


Here's a word from Tech Crunch:

7 out of 10. "Cladwell is a step up from Combyne in terms of usability. The UI is great and allows for more fluid browsing. However, it doesn't offer the same amount of challenges and activities to keep girls interested."

"Stylebook is designed to help you carefully curate your wardrobe so you can look effortlessly chic everyday. We want you to get the most out of what you already have in your closet and to choose new pieces that will integrate well into your wardrobe as a whole."

Stylebook is separate from Stylebook Men, where both are currently available on the App Store. So far, Stylebook is more popular among users, while Stylebook Men has seen only 60% of the downloads that Stylebook receives.

Seeing two separate apps marketed to different genders might seem odd, but NPD analyst Sarah Décarie says the app is clever from a business standpoint.

StyleBook has been around since 2009, and has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The app has reached over three million downloads since June 2012, and is growing at a rate of three to four million downloads a year. 


  • Most features available compared to other apps

  • One of the first outfit planning apps, thus many users

  • Featured on many news websites


  • Bad user interface, outdated

  • Paid app ($3.99) on the app store.

  • Only available on the Apple App Store, not for android users


In conclusion, there are many outfit planning apps to choose from. You are just going to have to download the ones you fancy the most, and then choose the best one.

Your journey to finding your true style will be a lot easier with the prescence of these apps on your phone.

Now tell us in the comments below, would you download an outfit planning app? If the answer is yes, which one out of the 3 that we mentioned would you download? Let us know!

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