Hey, I'm Fitz.

FITZ is a mobile application specializing in outfit creation and generation. 

Try it out today, it's 100% free!


Digitize your entire physical wardrobe and view it in the palm of your hand. Track statistics like; frequency, favorability and how your style evolves.


If you're not feeling particularly inspired you can generate outfits based on your mood using AI.


Unleash your creativity and plan all your outfits in advance with our user-friendly outfit creation studio.

Dress, not stress.

Say goodbye to last-minute disasters. We're here to revolutionize the way you plan your outfits.

We launched a survey out to 200 people asking to rate what problems pertaining to dressing up do people resonate with the most. 

We totally understand your problems. That's why we're building FITZ. 

Get organized.

Stay ahead of the game by planning outfits in advance. Nothing is worse than being unprepared. By planning outfits you can:

  • Have something to look forward to every day,

  • Avoid wardrobe exhaustion,

  • Track how your style evolves,

  • Find what colors work for you,

  • Make use of your entire wardrobe.

Or if you're lazy, generate.

We use a complex algorithm to learn what styles, colors and items you prefer.

We show you real pictures of the items used, so you can visualize what the final outfit will look like.

You can also shop the look in our app directly, if you don't have the items in your wardrobe.

Think, your personal designer, ready for you 24/7.

Meet the team.

The FITZ team are a bunch of dedicated & passionate individuals who love fashion, as well as the tech & business side of things. 

Jeremy Tristan

Founder of FITZ

Hey, I'm Jeremy! I live & breathe fashion. I love brainstorming new ideas on how to solve new problems every day. I'm also heavily experienced in marketing & digital advertising! 

Fun fact: I love eating hotpot & korean BBQ.

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